Foul Tasting Pizzas

Over the past week or so I have been getting complaints from every order that had onion on them.

Checked out freshness, the way the prepping was done, storage, use dates etc and couldn’t find anything amiss UNTIL … I looked at the bag the onions were delivered in and low and behold they came from USA.

Now I know we have some shortages in some lines due to the drought etc but onions from USA.

And you know what happened tonight??? … we had heaps of people talking real funny ordering 1 topping pizzas for $4.99, asking for sodas and wanting delivery for free. They were even driving to the shop on the wrong side of the road.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess they knew exactly where to come in Australia to get the kind of pizza they are used to! Would had to have been smoking wombat dung or something to figure out how to order off your regular menu, though.

Those onions must have been California product. We grow only the sweetest of yellows here in our cotton-ravaged and soybean-ravaged Georgia soil. You never know what sort of junk you’ll get from those left coast people :slight_smile: OH! they do make a pretty good tomato, though.

BTW, were those customers on the wrong side of the road riding a school bus that had only 10 seats in it? Shorter than your average school bus? With a number that has a hyphen in it?

I’m glad you got it worked out so that only the onion pizzas taste as bad as the others used to :slight_smile:
(note, I’m just ribbing our Aussie friend. I’ve never had his pizza)

Incredible that they only cost $18 for a 20kg bag. Makes you wonder why a farmer would grow them. 90 cents a kilo including agents fees, freight, etc. What was left for the farmer or is it another case of “dumping” which is supposed to be illegal in Australia???

Yes I think they were from California as they were called Pacific Rim Company. Nice and white (probably bleached that way, just like the Hollywood teeth :roll:

If thats all the farmer is getting then someone needs to be riding in the small bus.


It was either 60 Minutes or Dateline that did a story on the onion croppers a few months ago. There were acres of fields with rotting onions because of the inability of the workers from Mexico to cross over. I wonder if you got some of those “aged” packages.