Found An Abandoned Shop...Need Advice!

There’s a nail place and a salon. I don’t know what the other places were. I think it’s just luck of the draw. 1/4 mile in either direction are lots of other businesses. I’ll get the full scoop on everything tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I found another delivery food concept that does delivery. Been in business 13 years. Annual sales are 600k. Price is 95k. Rent is 2500 a month. A few of the employees have been there since opening. I would imagine it’s a lot easier to get financing for something of this nature. Owner is retiring. It’s a franchise. Again…just looking at that place. Pizza is my passion; however, I’m open to other opportunities.

Printjerks…Thanks so much…I hear ya…My dream has gotten more and more deflated by the day after talking to you guys on here; however, I know you are just looking out for my best interest. Hopefully I’ll be able to send some biz your way as well.

Don’t get discouraged. Just be smart about what you’re doing and don’t rush into anything. Remember not all pizza businesses fail. Usually it’s the people that go into it not prepared, inexperienced, and underfinanced that do.

How close is the nearest pizza shop to this location? You might want to sit outside that place and count the number of deliveries that are being done and the amount of customers that are coming in and out during the night. Do this for different nights of the week such as Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, etc. Also do this a couple of days during their lunch hours as well. Take your number each night and times it by lets say an average ticket of $18. This will give you a decent idea of the amount of business you could expect to possibly do.