Found out my building doesn't have 3 phase... Mixer Options?

Am I better off sticking with a single phase mixer or can I avoid narrowing my search for a good quality pre-owned mixer and possibly use one of those inexpensive like $80 phase converters? It supposedly allows 3-phase equipment to run on single phase power supply but reduced the power output.

Should I just stick with a new or pre-owned 1-phase unit or dabble in the inexpensive phase converter option? Or think about doing a costly, noisy, large phase converter generator to get the 3-phase?

Although not as common as three phase mixers, single phase ones are available. I sold a 140 quart Hobart that was single phase last year. I would watch ebay and craigslist and find a single phase mixer as opposed to installing a phase converter.

Why not hire an electrician and wire the 3 phase? I would not recommend a single phase as mixing pizza dough puts a heavy load on a mixer.

Hi Rich:

Paul is correct, there are single phase Hobart mixers for sale. Not a lot of them out there but we allways manage to find them. Just be sure you get at least A 2 HP unit.

George Mills

I had a 7.5hp motor installed to run a mixer and walk-in. As it turns out, its only running the 3.0hp mixer - I found another solution for the walk-in.

One of my stores is only single phase, so we had something called a “roto phase” installed. It’s a small motor that you turn on when you want to generate a 3rd phase. Both our Hobart dough mixer and our VCM are wired through it.

I used a 60 qt hobart that was only single phase… Didnt have any issues with it loading down making dough or grating cheese. Only a couple of the more muscular guys could pull it down grating cheese, and only in 3rd or 4th gear. Just make sure all the wiring is properly sized and all the connections are tight, and you should be good to go.

I’m personally not a fan of wiring in extra motors and whatnot to “generate” 3 phase power.

Spend the $600 and buy a pahse-o-matic phase converter. thats what i did for my 80qt hobart mixer. works like a charm

if you have any questions, email me. trust me ive been through this problem do not buy the quick fix $80 one.

Get a phase converter, a good one, for like $500-$600 bucks, we use a 60 quart mixer I called the guy i bought it from and wired it myself with his instructions its been working for 2 years with no problems. (and we make 5-10 batchcs of dough a day)

I think somebody said it above, but I will say it again because it makes senes. At least find out what it would cost to just have 3 phase added to the building. We had to do that in our buiding., as it also did not have 3 phase. Unfortunately it was a long time ago and I can’t remember how much it cost.

Were going to be doing a neapolitan style dough (high hydration, no oil) with a minimum fermentation/cold proof of 24 hours prior to baking so we decided to get a larger, reconditioned, single phase, 3hp Hobart M-802… I figure, while were not gonna have the volume of your typical delivery pizza joint (were primarily a Tavern/Bar), we also dont want to have to make multiple batches unless we have to. Adding 3-phase to the building was never an option and converting/adapting single to 3phase wasnt really sounding like much of a necessity after we considered the possibility of a larger, more powerful, single phase unit anyway. Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

don’t know if it’s too late but I ran into the same problem. I had an electrician install a 3-phase converter (made by Ronk) to a hobart-60 mixer. It was relatively inexpensive when you consider the options and works fine.

I had the same problem in 5 different shops. I just had them wired for 3 phase. It cost about $800 all said and done, and I never thought about it after that.

I saw you said that new wiring isn’t an option, but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Although if you aren’t doing huge volume, you could probably save the expense and get a smaller mixer.

If I saved the money by buying the smaller mixer, I’d most likely need to get a 3-ph converter and I’d be under-equipped in the event we DO exceed out volume estimates :slight_smile: Our reconditioned, single-phase, 3hp, 80qt Hobart should do the trick…