Fountain soda prices

Just wondering what you’re charging for fountain drinks out there … ours is self serve with unlimited refills for $1.50. I’ve noticed most restaurants in my area are charging $2 - 2.25, so I’m thinking of bumping it to two bucks with my next set of menus. Ideas?

We charge $2.25 with one re-fill. Coke raises their price every year, can’t wait to see how much they hike it in January.

I charge $1.99 with one re-fill.

2.29 no limit on refills but most that dine in only get one refill and there are a lot that take their food to go so they dont ever get a refill.

we are still holding at 1.49 BUT nov 5th we add beer, that is when I plan on doing updated menu pricing and probably bringing up to 1.99. In shopping my competitors, they are ranging between these numbers
I am at 1.99 on 2 liters as well and think I will be umping those to 2.49

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll be bumping my price up to 2 bucks.

Not to hikack the thread, but along those lines, what is everyone paying for BIBs?

66 a box

$2 w/ unlimited refills

$2.39 with unlimited refills and a 24 oz glass. We are 80% dine-in. We run about 33% BIB/Revenue. I ordered a brix kit and am trying to get a syrup separator to see if I can adjust it…

Patrick Cuezze

Brix kit is a good idea… if for nothing other than to keep your soda tasting like soda. I cant tell you how many places i have been where the soda tastes like the machine hasn’t been calibrated in 20 years.

I dont have a kit myself but i call pepsi every few months and tell them people are complaining the soda tastes funny… they usually send someone out same day to adjust it. 99% of the time at least 2 flavors are mixing wrong

I am paying $60 for Pepsi

going to raise my fountain (20oz) to $1.99 from $1.50 next month

we pay $60/bib pepsi
20oz bottles = 1.75 now going to $1.99
2 liters = 2.75

Sounds like I need to bend the Pepsi guy a bit. Our order today was $74.95 a BiB!

I’m at $53/BIB for Coke, but I’m under contract for that price. The jury’s still out on whether that was a good idea or not, but it’s not like I can shop Coke and Pepsi against each other every week and switch back and forth so I may as well get good pricing under a contract.

$2 unlimited refills on coke and pepsi fountain.

Ok gonna hijack this post but who owns there fountain vs provided from dist and is there a price break if you own the machine


I have a Coke installed machine with Ice.
I have a Pepsi machine with Ice installed by Coke.

Coke will deliver with no minimum. But in all honesty I have never really paid attention as coke only delivers the smaller BIB.
Pepsi BIB are always the big ones.
But I do not think there is a price break.