For those of you that have a fountain setup with ice machine on top BEWARE! I switched from one major company to the other and noticed something disturbing…the ice was taking too long to come done. Waitresses were ultimately using much more soda instead of waiting for the cup to fill with ice which used to be much quicker. It seems like some sly guy came up with an idea to block the ice door halfway with added piece of metal to sell more syrup…SOLUTION

Unplug machine…take off 4 bolts holding platic ice chute…remove metal plate…re-fasten…$$ back in pocket

Who would do such a thing? :roll: That explains the phemon. of my local Casey’s machine being constently “out of ice”…I’d assumed they’d just been super busy and the ice maker wasn’t keeping up! I’ll have to ask the gal there if the machine “repair man” had been there recently. Thanks for the tip.

Our Coke supplier was just so generous to replace all of our tumblers with brand new ones - even though the old ones look great and we have plenty of them.

They asked for item number off of the cup so they could send the same ones out. Our current cups are 20oz and we have a self serve, refillable station.

Wouldn’t you know they made a mistake and accidentally sent us 32oz cups! But they said not to worry, we could keep them and use them. How nice of them! :roll:

I asked for 20oz as well…they said I had to pay…only 32 were free…friggin balls

wow exactly ting happened to me, when i switched six weeks ago they wanted to replace my 20oz tumblers with there 32oz…I said no way if I am switching we are going to keep the same size cups, so we agreed and they are supposed to replace my pepsi with there tumblers but they are yet to arrive, so last week I took a picture of my customers holding up their pepsi tumbers and sent it to coke solutions, I was told they are shipping next day (that was wednesday)

Ha Ha! What’s funny is I just said the same thing to my wife! I commented we should take a pix of us sipping our COKE products (maching in the background) with our PEPSI logo’s clearly visable on the glasses!

Don’t any of you get a rebate on your BIBs? More product used means more rebate for me.

you are kidding I hope…that is unless you have a ridiculous rebate amount

mine is $1/GL BIB so I would much rather sell less syrup for them and make the same amount on the glass

This might not be something others might do but if I got that sort of response from P or C I would either purchase blank cups with no logo/and/or lift the tabs and adjust the ratio on the station, a nice little turn or two of the screwdriver and that would get their attention quickly, plus not allow them to audit your machines until they gave you the cups you agreed to.

Don’t 'cha just hate it when someone tries to rip you off! :roll: