Fourth of July ---open or closed any input?

With the fourth falling on a Friday this year who is opened or closed?

haven’t decided yet usually we close but FRIDAY!!OMG what 2do might just bite the bullet and close

For this Canadian in a resort town in Canada where we depend on you good folks for tourist dollars you better beleive we will be open. Happy 4th of July folks, our July 1st is just around the corner.

Closing on the 4th
Having an employee softball game
Thought about opening since it’s on a friday but …
decided to take the day off


Being in a resort can we assume that you are open on July 1st ?

we have always been closed on the 4th of july in the past, even on friday. however, this year we really need to stay open for the sales, so for the first time we will be open on the 4th. we may do a shortened hours kind of thing though.

We’re leaning towards closing. Lunch time will be nothing since all the factories and independant companies will not be working. If we opened at night, it would only be for 3 or 4 hours, plus half the crew wants it off anyways.

We are in a tourist town and the visitors need to eat. We will be open. This will be our 10th 4th. Overall the day is about 10% under what that day of the week would be in July, so still a good day for us.

Being on a Friday, I would like to be open but being that we are understaffed right now and everyone is expecting to be closed we will be. With a bigger staff I would have stayed open – although only at night.

Yes we will be open, we are open for all USA holidays, the only day we close is Christmas day. Holidays and the weekends that go with them are huge for us, sales double and triple. In the winter season, its just nuts, gong show crazy on holidays.

We are going to be open. It’s a Friday, It’s in the middle of our big customer appreciation/ anniversary special week, and alot of people are going to be staying home this year. We will only be open 4-9.

We’re closed. Most people are BBQ’ing. Plus, we’re definitely not in a resort town.

Saturday and Sunday should be decent though as people have guests around and BBQ’d the day before.
People are out shopping, etc.

I’m anxiuos to see what Saturday brings. With the 4th on a Friday, making it a 3 day weekend, I’m thinking people may go out of town… We went back and forth on whether to open or not (we are not), but I hope that Saturday sales are decent to offset being closed Friday!!!

Let’s post back after the holiday weekend to see how we all did!!

closed but settin up in park for bbq sandwich and my kids do lemonade stand little suckers did 475.00 dollars last year sellin buck a cu :shock: p.


We’ll be open, of course. :cry:

Last year we did slightly less than average for the 4th. I hope that happens again but doubt it very much.