Has anyone franchised a business?

I have another business (not the pizza shop) that I would like to franchise as cheaply as possible. It’s not a complicated concept, and I think franchising would be pretty straightforward.

It’s a relatively new concept in most areas, but since I’ve been in business, I’ve been contacted by at least 25 other people looking to get started.

I’d appreciate any advice!

laws vary from state 2 state…invest in a few hrs of lawyer time

talk to patrick callaway

Franchising is not a panacea…you may be better just to open
other locations yourself…

it would run you about $25,000 to prepare all docs etc…but thats just a guesstimate…

what city are you in eASTERN pa…PHILLY??


What is your concept?
Maybe burger joint?

Thanks for your feedback.

Sal, I’m located in the Lehigh Valley. Allentown/Bethlehem area.

This is actually not food service related at all. Here’s my website: [/url][url]

Unfortunately, I can’t open other locations on my own. Each “store” would serve a 30 mile radius.


Heather you’re a genius…! I don’t know what kind of revenue you can generate…but this is a fresh concept…you’ll never hear this at a cocktail party around here…Wash DC…

I like it…
how many doves do you release at one time??


I hope this works better than your first venture into this arena…

sayitwithpidgeons just didn’t seem to work as well :slight_smile:

heather i am not trying to be funny but how can they control the doves from droping … over the party just curiouse sorry


You take thirty of these little bitty rubber stoppers/corks . . . .

WA Dave

i looked into Franchising… $25k for a pizza place is about right, and i’d assume it would still be around that range for other types of businesses… another idea however, instead of Franchise, start a partnership with each new setup… you would have 51% the other person would be 49%, you will have total control and say so (just like a franchise) and your lawyer can setup the agreement for the pay. Not 51% of the profits, maybe 10% like most franchises.