Free Blueberry Muffins

Yes, they really are free.

Seems to be legit went on there today and order case of 216 muffins free of charge delivery in 4 weeks. Thanks for the info on the free food

I have no idea what I’m going to do with 216 blueberry muffins, but I ordered anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

I put in my home address and my restaurant address with different e mails and business names…and now I have 2 cases of delicious muffins. LOL, what the helk?

Thanks for the info - just ordered our case. July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day, so we’ll use them as a free giveaway with each order to celebrate one of our Wacky Holidays! 8)

Thanks, not sure what I’m going to do with this…but why not take it, right?

Thanks for sharing. This forum rocks!

I wonder if they deliver to Australia ??


I actually do sell muffins and other assorted treats at my front counter. We pick up some stuff at a local bakery each day and have them in a display case. This is something I may actually use if the pricing is right. Nice find!

I didn’t previously sell them, but will play with them and se if we can find a use . . . a dessert item maybe.

We are very appreciative!

great call, thanks for the tip.

Get a muffin tray grab one muffin throw some blueberry jam on top or cream cheese, then lay another muffin on top of it and bake. Throw some nuts on top. MMMMMMM, good. No muffin pan? No worries, grab a cookie sheet and spray some oil on it bake at 325 until golden brown for muffin tops. Eating those right out of the oven those things should be illegal.

Just got my box! Will have to start cooking them in a minute cause the temptation is to great! thanks for the tip

Got my case today. Thanks again for the post.

Our Fed-Ex guy brought us our box of little “frozen pellets of happiness”. 20 minutes in cookie oven and they were good as muffin tops (or muffin cookies). Burned some in the deck oven because I forgot to set a timer . . . . I GOTTA find a cool use for these.

My free case arrived via Fed Ex today. Thanks for the great link!

The burnt ones you can use for practicing you disc golf :stuck_out_tongue:


Got mine today too. I haven’t figured out how to cook them correctly in our conveyor oven, but they taste so good. Trying to figure out how to use them during “Teacher Appreciation Week” May 3rd-7th.

I got my free muffins today. They shipped them fast. I got them in 3 days!

They sent us two boxes…are we special or did all yours come in two boxes (we only ordered once)? We’ve got some different and hopefully great ideas floating around in our heads on how to use them and we can’t wait to try them!