Free boxes

I decided for s&g’s to try to find free pizza boxes. I found a place in NY. This is part of the contract that they sent.
What do you think?

<<<<< 1. Owner has provided us with its monthly forecast as to requirements for the quantity of needed Boxes by signing the attached Forecast Form. Upon two (2) weeks advance written notice to KD, the forecast for any month may be increased by up to seven (7%) percent of the amount of Boxes provided for in the Forecast Form. Delivery of Boxes shall be made either bimonthly or monthly as relative to the campaign being executed. The quality of the Boxes will be equivalent to the sample that KD has shown to you.

  1. KD shall be entitled to place advertisements on Boxes for such other person or entities engaged in the sale of consumer goods or services in such manner and with respect to such persons or entities as KD may determine.

  2. Provided KD timely delivers the Boxes, you will use only KD’s Boxes to fulfill all of your requirements. Should you fail to honor your obligations under this Agreement, you shall promptly pay KD a charge of $1.00 for each Box that KD has previously delivered to you and for which KD has not charged you.

  3. This Agreement will become effective as of the month of TBD and shall continue in effect until the second anniversary of start date, and shall thereafter be renewed for three (3) years unless Owner shall advise KD in writing within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the original term that it has elected to cancel this Agreement, or unless KD terminates this Agreement sooner for Owner’s failure to honor its obligations as provided for herein.

  4. Owner agrees to supply KD, without charge, with an agreement of 25 pizzas per year of a type designated by KD, which will from time to time be delivered to potential advertisers and other business associates of KD. Any such delivery will be at the expense of Owner and will be delivered in the vicinity of Owner’s business location only.>>>>>

I decided not to utilize their “free” offer.

Here is a Canadian outfit for those “Canucks” here…