FREE DVD Player everyday for 30 Days

This is just an idea. Not saying I’m going to do it. BUT

What if I were to axe my advertising budget for the month and buy 30 DVD players with that money. I give away one free DVD player every day for an entire month. (You can get a decent player for $60 or so)

How much word of mouth exposure do you think this would create?

  • Rob


 I just bought one for my daughter from WalMart for $30 (Christmas, you know how it is), so you can get 'em really inexpensively.

As far as the question… I don’t know. However, it’s a very intriguing idea. I’m sure it would work a lot better in smaller towns than larger cities. Maybe instead of completely slashing your advertising budget you could sink a little into radio to push it?

I’ll tell you this much, though. I’m interested to see how people respond to this post. -J_r0kk

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That was me. -J_r0kk

It’s true that you could do this because they are so cheap. But, nearly everyone already has a DVD player because they are so cheap.

I have two sitting in my closet, in boxes, that I got from promotions. I’ll probably never use them because I already had one hooked up to each of my TV’s when I got them.

I really like that Idea.I think being in a small town would help greatly.What are you looking to spend on the promotion?Maybe giving away $50 gas cards everyday instead of $50 DVD players.Think thta would go over much better,IMO.

I think the gas cards would have more impact. Ask your bank if you can get VISA cards. My bank sells prepaid visa cards for face value, can be spent anywhere that takes visa.

I wanted to do a drawing at the end of the month for a $100 gas card or something like that.95% of the people that will be coming in has a use for a gas card.

Any kind of gift card would be a great idea. People always have a use for gas card, Walmart card, prepaid visa card, etc.