Free Fiberglass Dough Boxes

I have almost 100 fiberglass dough trays manufactured by MFG that I am looking to get rid of. These are older, dirty, and some are quite worn. If you are opening a store on a budget, these are for you! Pickup only from Gainesville, Florida. Email or PM me through this website if interested.

…brings back good memories of my trip to FL,

I was going to get some of the dough boxes from you when I was by there with my trailer a little over a year ago and forgot.
Nonetheless, I have around 13 now and that is plenty for me in my small shop.
Thanks for the offer, hopefully you will be able to help someone.

Go Gators,

Would you be willing to ship them to TN??

I am about to buy some this week actually. :lol:

me 2 ineed like 5 :oops: