Free garlic sauce with pizza?

I’ve been giving away free garlic sauce with a pizza purchase for some time… Does anyone else give it away for free? I’m thinking of not including it with my pizza and if someone request it, then charge a minimal fee of 35 cents, I have a gut feeling that most people don’t even use garlic sauce. What do you all think? Eliminating the garlic sauce would save me about $4500 annually.

I’d stop doing it too, but I wouldn’t charge the people that do request it. When you give something away for free like that for a long period of time and then take it away, the customers will not take it lightly.

We do not charge for garlic sauce unless they ask for “X number of extra garlic sauce”. We offer all pick up customers garlic sauce and it is about 50/50 whether they say yes or no. Since we started doing this my garlic sauce consumption went down significantly without upsetting the customers. On delivery, basically the same deal, ask while handing it to them. More often than not they take it though, since you did bring it out.


I have always charged 65 cents. When I get customers the ask why I reply that I could raise the price of the pizza and charge even those who do not care to have it or just charge those who want it.

We charge for any extra sauce, i.e. if they want BBQ or Chilli sauce on top of their pizza. We have it on our menu as an extra.

I can’t get over this idea of giving everything for free. I pay for it and it is a recovery cost so we charge. Garlic sauce costs about 25cents per 50ml (more if it is in a small plastic tub with lid) and if we gave it away with every pizza the cost per week would be around $250 (plus tub and lid). Sorry better off in my pocket.

Luckily for us few people ask for added sauce … maybe because our pizzas taste so good they don’t need the extra sauce for flavour :lol:

Even Domino’s charge for their dessert sauce with their Brownies (not mentioned anywhere in their advertising. They just ask when ordering if you want it and then add to the bill).