Free Gas Coupon

I am working on a coupon that says “Free Gallon of Gas”
With any purchase over $25.00 Get a discount of the amount of the current price of gas.

Anyone ever done anything like this, if so how did it work out?

Any other commits or suggestions regarding this offer would be gratefully appreciated before I send it to print.


I like the idea, but beware of complainers finding a reason to b1tch like… my mercedes only takes 93 octane, or I drive a diesel hummer so I should get a discount equal to a gallon of diesel… ect…

Alot of people just want a reason to complain and you’ll be giving them ammunition with this campaign.

We change up our specials every quarter.

Tuesdays special for July-Sept is that every order over $20 gets a chance for $100 gas card in a monthly drawing. They write their name on their receipt and put it in a jar and we’ll pull a name on the last day of the month.

There you go . . . a thinner schedule of reinforcement. Get them to put in lots of orders to increase their chance of winning the gas. Paying off every time gets more expensive, and less likely to maintain long term customers when the offer stops.