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Here is a great link to all of the free online director sites that you should be listed… They are free and help greatly in web optimization.

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Sorry, here is the link:

I’m not sure how “free” most of these are. I was surprised to learn that my store doesn’t even pop up on Yahoo. After messing around with Yahoo for a few minutes, I remember why I haven’t used it in years.

a business in my neighborhood told me about a site like that. But, this particular company is to be avoided! These are the links – DO NOT USE THESE SCAMMERS!
“power listings”

only it turned out to be a total scam, the page showed over 40 sites where my business was or could be listed… but the two most prolific that I knew I was already on it said I was not listed… so I clicked their little ‘fix my listings’ button, and it had my info partially filled out, except the state and my email address and phone number. Well, they only would list Canadian provinces no options for USA States, but it was too late as I had hit enter… I said, ‘scam’ and closed out the window, only to find my telephone ringing not 5 min later… hounding me to pay them $400 for their services to ‘help’ me get my business listed. blah blah BLAH BLAH!

I told them they are a scam, and the man got really mad at me. I said you ARE when you bait and switch, Their ‘fix it’ page intentionally won’t let me complete my info – his excuse, “oh that must be just a temporary glitch” AHEM, I told him liar. Not to mention, when you tell me I’m not listed in places I know very well that I am, and then never give me the correct options to ‘correct’ my info because you know full well you’re dangling a 1/2 eaten carrot… sorry, I’m not buying your crap.

In our situation, in our small town I don’t “NEED” their help… for that price its my advertising budget for 5 years!!! He was incensed, then said we NEEDED his business to help and ‘they’ were legit because they serve the fortune 500 companies… I told him who cares about the big wigs… you’re too overpriced for the little guys! And hung up on him… So caveat emptor!

I still can’t believe that we’re not on Yahoo or able to get there without paying for a listing. I don’t get how, as a person using a search engine, I would want to use one that doesn’t show me all of my options. Google lets me list my business for free, then if I want to bump it up to the top of the list, I can pay for that. I get that. That makes sense. If I were in a bigger city, I would probably do it. But I’m the only one around. I can live with being behind the big 3 when people search there locally. But on Yahoo, I’m not there at all unless you specifically type us in.