Was looking up some of Big Dave’s promos the other day to try and get some new ideas for promoting our business against the National (cheapy) chain that opened just up the road last week.
To date they haven’t made any inpact on us but I am not that stupid (Nick may disagree) to not think there will some impact especially if their sales don’t get to expectations and they decide to go after my hide.
One thing I liked was his Free pizza card which he gave a quantity to each staff to give out to anyone, excluding friends, family and co-workers from the shop. It was to encourage new users to try his pizzas free. He put all returned cards in for a draw of $100 if I remember correctly.
I have just approved artwork for 500 cards with a similar front to our new fridge magnet with “enjoy a free pizza” wording on the front under our logo.
On the back we invite them to try a FREE large pizza. We have our address and phone number and a box at the bottom where the staff member inserts their name.
Every card returned goes in for a monthly draw of $50 cash (we don’t have the number of staff Big Dave had and I don’t have his amount of money either and most of our staff only work a day or two where his were more full time).
Each staff member will be given 10 cards, but they can get more in lots of 10 if they get rid of the initial allocation.
We are confident in growing our buisness with this activity as we know, and yet again proven from last weeks 150 free pizza give-away, that once people try they will return as regulars. Since last Tuesday the return customers who tried us for the first time with the free give-away have covered the cost of that promotion, so I can only see this staff incentive based give-away adding to our business as incremental sales.
Cost for the 500 cards was $103 with full colour print on both sides. Cost of good is about $3.50 - $4.00 per pizza.
Our average sale per customer is $29 so it is easy to recoup the cost of all 500 give-aways with as little as 20 new customers buying once per quarter.
Food for thought on promoting a different way to the price wars.


I am in the process of putting together a similar promotion. Would you be willing to share your design…not to copy but just to get some ideas.

Sure no problem.
Just PM with your email address and I will send them to you as attachments. I don’t think we can do attachments on the PM


Just sent them to you. Hope they help you out OK