FREE PIZZA Giveaway Tonight at our Shop -- WOW!


About 6 weeks ago our one location was closed becuase a young man drove his car INTO our building! Well, since then we noticed people calling and being surprised by the fact that we were open again…this concerned me. So, I decided to do a FREE PIZZA night whereby anyone who came into the store, and gave us an email address, would receive a free personal sized pie. Here are some of the details:

Last Friday…I told my manager to just make sure we have 350 doughballs ready and if I throw some away that weren’t used…not big deal.

I ran flyers in our local Pennysave
Being an old advertising agency VP I did press release
I also handed out flyers the week before
Add to this I faxed everyone in our database
Lastly…had the hot chicks outside holding signs

11AM – 1:30PM: 500+ pizza GONE
1:30: I call my food broker saying I AM OUT OF BOXES…He’s in Florida on vacation. NOW NO FLAMES…I called my grande Cheese rep and to the rescue he came with 8 more bundles of boxes. I assure you that if not for him this would have been a marketing blunder


200% more revenues from add-ons tonight
1100+ email addresses collected…even in 25% are valid…still amazing.
NBC, ABC, and CBS Affiliates all in my lot

This story could go on and on and on…BTW…after about 30 minutes of the chicks in bikinis in the lot handing out pies at the intersection…I STOPPED IT…now, I was booed…but I could not keep up with the demand.

Now the lows…no matter what you do you can’t please everyone…the only complaint was by one loud person who was upset that I was charging her for pepperoni on A FREE PIZZA.

Our concern fr safety…we make and sell the ONLY allergen-free pizza in the U.S…and those who came in tonight I had to refuse service…EVERY ONE OF THEM THANKED ME BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT ANY POTENTIAL FOR CROSS-CONTAMINATION.

Guys…all in all this was the best event I have ever had and it’s worth a try…it beats any ads I have ever run.

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If your in Pittsburg that means Marc Copella from grande is the man!