FREE Sticky Notes for the Think Tank

Hi Everyone!
There have been SO many changes here at NoteAds so far this year! We have new super low minimums, full color process for the cost of 1-color, LOWER prices - I know, who gets to say that in this economy!? :smiley:

All we need now is a new media kit… with new testimonials! That’s where you Think Tank members come in…

We will do 500 notes for free for the first 10 people that PM me. AND we’ll do the art for you, free of charge. All I ask for in return is an account of how the notes worked for you that I could possibly use in my new media kit.

Sticky notes are perfect for boxtopping, windshielding, doorhanging, etc. If you want to see samples of other notes that we have done, just let me know and I’ll e-mail a scan to you.

PM me for a chance to get the free notes!


Hi Everyone -
Well that was fast! The 10 spots are all filled, but for anyone else who is interested, I’ll do the orders 50% off if you PM me.

There have been some questions on the 50% offer that I’m extending to the TT.

The 50% offer I’m giving is 50% off 500 4x6 Full color notes.
The normal cost is $115 - that brings the cost to $57.50.

We’ll do the art free of charge, and I will also waive the shipping.

Hurry, this offer will expire on 3/1.

PM me if you are interested! Thanks!

Like these I am guessing…

Similar, but a little cheaper, and we use a stronger adhesive.

I just received my art proof from Liz and they look much better than those. The setup only took a couple hours! I was amazed, can’t wait to hand them out.

I received my NoteAds today, and they are BEAUTIFUL. Much better than I expected. Customer service, i.e. Liz, was so great to work with. Really fast turnaround, and great with the proofs/changes.

Thanks Liz!!!

Yay!! Thanks Steve, and you’re welcome! I can’t wait to hear all about your awesome results! :smiley:

Got mine a few days ago and am soooo impressed. I was going to wait to use them when the new POS system was up and running, but couldn’t help but slap them on a few doors next to the laundromat tonight. The kids found them and put them on a few boxes the other day for deliveries before I took them away (I’m wanting to use them to generate new customers) and had a hit the next day. That means they’ve already outperformed my homemade crap. Hoping for some decent weather tomorrow so I can blitz our part of town.

Woo-hoo! That’s what I like to hear!!

I’ve been trying to tell you! :wink:

Got mine a week ago. Very impressed! My wife was too! I will start using them as soon as my online ordering site is live. What really impressed me was the speed and thought put into the design. Within 1 hr of submitting a simple artwork your art dept. sent back a proof that matched my website and theme. They must have gone online and checked the website and designed the note-ads off of it. I will be in touch to purchase more.

I wanna try!!

My offer to do 50% off of 500 is still an option! - The offer will expire on 3/1!

These would be great to introduce our new pasta items without having to change the menu
or print up special flyers. Nice size too

Hey Liz,

I received my Noteads today…they look great. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sure thing! Keep me posted on how they work out for you!

got them yesterday they look great



Same with me. I got them last week and you guys did a great job! Thanks again.

I got these in last week, pretty quick considering how long it took us to get info to Liz. The printing is outstanding and the color really gets your attention. Some of my employees started box topping with them (not what i had in mind).We have already received positive comments from customers and they have generated some orders. Thank you.