Free text message marketing

I found a website,, that offers free sms marketing. Might work well for someone who wants to try it, but doesn’t want the expense. If nothing else, you might want to set up an account and reserve your keyword, probably your restaurant name, to use sometime in the future.

For anyone who doesn’t know what sms marketing is, or how they might use it, I’ve got a few notes here:

for some reason the comma showed up on listing it should be
the only bad thing about the free service is it attaches ads onto your text! You can buy the PRO SERVICE doesnt seem like a bad price. Looks interesting

true about the ads, but they are pretty small, at the end of the text. To me, it seems a small price to pay to try the program out for free, and see if it works for you. offers a no ad program for $364 a year.

While I don’t think sms marketing is at the top of anyone’s to-do list, maybe taking 15 minutes to set up a free account and plugging in a offer like “free breadsticks with any pizza purchase”, might get some customers to subscribe. Then one day when sms has moved toward the top of the list, you’ll have some subscribers to work with.