was looking into picking up another freezer, something small, was looking at a 7 cf at Sams Club only $200, not sure though how much space it actually is, they wont open the box for me, any suggestions

We have a couple of chest freezers we bought at sears years ago. They work great.

Weird that they will not open the box. Still the dimensions should be helpful. I would get the biggest one that fits in the space you have for it.

You could Google it.

I got rid of my chest freezers and put in a 2 door and a 3 door commercial uprights. Much easier to get to stuff and less damage from rummaging through to find stuff. Bigger price point though but a hell of a lot cheaper to run and no de-frosting required

In some areas, the health inspectors will not allow chest freezers…Might was to ask 1st…

Are you sure they are cheaper to run? When you open the door of an upright, all the cold air drops to the floor (cold air falls). Plus, the fan in there seems to circulate the cold air out of the freezer faster as well. When you open the lid of a chest freezer, the cold air stays in the bottom of the freezer so it does not lose as much, keeping your energy costs lower.
We upgraded? from a chest freezer to a 2 door commercial upright a couple years ago. The upright is much easier to store items, but the temp rises a lot whenever you open the door.

Do the new chest freezers still frost up like the one back in the day ???

Temp recovery in an upright commercial freezer is better for sure if you are opening and closing the thing all the time. We have an upright true double door freezer in the kitchen for that use. We have two Sears chest freezers in our storage area. They maybe get opened once a day on average so temp recovery is not an issue. I very much doubt they cost more to run than the upright! According to efficiency labeling on them, my guess is that the two of them combined are cheaper to run than the one upright!

Daisy, we defrost them every year or two. Not an issue for us but I am sure that if they were opened and closed all the time that would be different.

BTW the health inspector has never said anything about them and they do see them every time to check temps.

As Royster stated;
Make sure the state/local HD does not require NSF rated commercial units before spending any coin.
I pulled out 3 large chest freezers from the location we bought a year ago, and during initial HD inspection, the inspector made a beeline to where they were, then asked where they went. I explained that they were not commercial units and yanked them out. She was hoping to tag me on something that day, and those were her ace in the hole.
too bad, so sad…

Our uprights are definitely cheaper to run but in saying that we were using the chest freezers for general use meaning that it was constantly being opened and closed. This meant it was needing defrosting more often. In the case of loss of temperature on the uprights the gauge hardly moves except if the door is open for a long time and then it is only minimal and recovery is almost immediate. The trick for efficiency is to keep the freezer fully stocked as this minimalised temperature loss when doors are opened and it also reduces running costs as the more items frozen in the freezer the less power used to keep the temperature cold.

Ditto on checking the NSF/commercial requirement for your area… they are not allowed in my area. Also, I suggest stay far away from Arctic Air brand. I’ve nothing but problems with mine.

Just had our 6 month inspection, absolutely NO issues with chest freezer I purchased we are GOLDEN :slight_smile:

Good news! By the way, our chest freezers from Sears are 15 years old next month. Never needed any kind of work. Not bad for something that cost me about $400 each back then.

Is that because they are legal where you are at?..Or did they get missed or the inspector did not care?..Would hate for another guy to show up and have you pull them on the spot…Always best to know where you stand, just in case…

NO… Honestly my health inspector plays by the book… ALL LEGAL, she even opened it and checked it

Thats all I paid for mine was $400 even free delivery

Our health inspector checks temps in ours every time too. We have two of them. She also checks package dates to make sure we are rotating inventory. Never an issue with the equipment.