Freezing Cheddar Cheese

Been freezing cheddar so I can stock up a bit, skip a delivery, etc
Seems to be pretty bad from a melting standpoint- poor melt, not “creamy”, etc
Does cheddar not lend itself well to freezing?
Believe I did it a lot over the years w/ no issues.


I get it from the depot it freezes fine for me.

we ordered cheddar once a month in bulk and froze it, Never had a problem,

OK, cool- thanks, guys.
Just wondering because it’s def not good.

Are you freezing in blocks or shredded? If you are shredding it and adding anything to keep it from clumping, like corn starch, the starch will suck up any oil from the cheese when it melts and then bind it up so it is not creamy.

Pre-shredded 5 lb bags.

Just as a follow-up… and in case it helps anybody… I switched to a mild cheddar and that solved the problem.
Apparently, the sharper cheddar has less fat in it and does not- generally- melt as well.
That’s what I was told and it seems to be the case, for me… in this scenario.
Who knows with other cheeses, brands, etc.
Appreciate the assistance and replies.