French Fries

This could be awful, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Trying to add french fries for the after bar rush(dine in only) I do not want to add a fryer hood. I have a ventless fryer, but it is not big enough for a rush. Was wondering if I could pre fry some fries say an hour before, hold at heat then throw through the conveyor. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I realize they are not going to be the best ever, but with a little gravy, cheese, and the fact most the students buying are hammered could they be passable?

I think you could do the baked fries and just cover with cheese! cant taste the difference then and pricing is a lotttttt higher because of the preceved value

Call 'em “Hammered Fries” and you’ve got a winner.

My $0.02 =]

“gravy” with fries? where are you located?

maybe Elvis Country

Kansas. However, i got the idea from diners in nyc and jersey.

If you smother it with gravy and cheese I doubt they will ever notice anything just dont redip the fries in the fryer to warm them up it ruins them.

The gravy and fries thing is HUGE in canada for some reason… then again some countries don’t understand our obsession with pizza

They call it 'Poutine" We sell a ton of it during our busy times. By the time you the cheese and gravy you can’t tell how the fries were done.

Gravy & Fries are huge huge in Canada, and put cheese curd on it, its called poutine. Another big seller, maybe would work in your area is Chili Fries, dump a ladle of chili on some fries, top with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, and a side of sour cream. HUGE HUGE hit. my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the bacon!! Cheese fries with bacon hammered or sober you got to love them. There are very few things in this world that can not be improved upon with a handfull of bacon.


^^^ haha, so true. Good stuff Rick

The best fries are actually made by par-cooking in low heat oil and then let to rest. They are then finished in a fryer at high heat for about 3 minutes to get them crispy. This means that you could prep them earlier in the day and then push them out pretty quick during the rush. The advice on cooking fries comes from Anthony Bourdain’s recipe for fries at Les Halle in NYC, which is famous for its fries. Hope this helps.