French Fry Portions

We currently serve 3/8" straight cut fries. We serve a side of fries in 4.5 ounces at $1.95 each. We also have a basket of fries that we serve 9.5 ounces for $3.59. My wife is telling me that the basket of 9.5 ounces is way too small and we need about 15 ounces. Our food cost would be way out of line at this price and portion size.

What are your thoughts?

I sell the same fry, 6oz for $2.50. I just figured my food cost at .36. Most of mine however goes with the sandwiches and other stuff I sell that includes it in the price. I currently pay $33 for 30#.

Your food cost on 15oz of fries is around $1.2o. Our single order of fries is 12oz. I agree with your wife.

you would think in Idaho you would get a better deal. :slight_smile:

I buy sysco classic fries 3/8 straight cut $22.18 case
I sell one size fry.
25 oz
Food cost 23%

Lamb weston fries are overpriced

Why not sell fresh cut fries? I get 35# finished product out of every 50# case. Your food cost would go down and they taste sooooo much better. We sell 12oz. for 2.29 and 20oz. for 3.79. I order 300#-350# per week at a price of 19.90 per case currently. The price is usually 14.00-15.00 per case but right now it is high.

I know like they say though you want a good Idaho spud leave the state. They seem to ship all the good ones ot other states.

The answer from “Pizza Of The Month” to buy bulk spuds and sell “House-Cut” fries will lower your food cost and provide both a better finished product and a better image. Go to Youtube to get the lowdown on double-frying them and cool ways to top them off … new products could be priced higher accordingly. I love potatoes for product differentiation. And listen to your wife (larger portions) … as usual, she’s right again.

For places that are dine in heavy fresh cut is the way to go. But for carry out and deliver you should use a coated or battered fry. Will hold temperature 2-3x longer.