Frequency/loyalty programs?

Who currently has a loyalty program that they can claim is successful?

How ya doin it???

we’re using, spend $75 and we’ll mail a $7 certificate out- people seem to be excited- too early to tell long term results. Repeat rewards is a great company.

We use the Frequent Customer Stamp Card provided by Grande Cheese. We stamp the customers card for every medium or large pizza they buy, and they get a free pizza after 12 stamps. Plus, Monday is double stamp day.

I have about 500 customers with the stamp cards, and about 30% of Monday’s sales are generated specifically for the double stamps.

I only give away about 1-3 free pizza per day.

My new elecronic cash/credit/debit machine will print on the receipt, at the bottum.
I have in mind to put “FREE PIZZA, redeem your receipts for 5 pizzas and get a free 8 inch 1 topping pizza for free. conditions apply”
…or some words to that effect…

Have not implemented this yet, will do accordingly or not

hope this helps,

I run a report on the POS system to identify customers that ordered more than 2-3 times in the two month period and call them on the phone and thank them.

No special deal, just one of the owners calling personally. it takes about 2-3 hours once every 8 weeks, it is free and works better than any coupon I have ever run.