Fresh Baked Desserts to order

Hey guys, i’m in the concept stages of my menu and i would love to sell fresh baked brownies to order. Basically, sell then by the pan (small pan for 1 or 2 and large pan for 2 to 4). So, a customer could order a pan of brownies with icing sugar sprinkled on top and have then delivered hot and fresh with their pizzas. Who doesn’t love warm brownies fresh out the oven? Might have to put milk on the menu to up-sell, lol…
Wondering if their is a recipe for a quick bake in the pizza oven to do this or is this even feasible? Does anyone do this at all? Comments…
I will also have a rotisserie oven for my wings and chicken pizzas that can be used as well for this.

I don’t know how they cook them, but a buffet chain, Cici’s, has brownies on their buffet, so unless they have some other unit in the back we don’t see, I assume they’re cooking them on the conveyors right behind the buffet, which leads me to believe it could be done.

I just don’t know how well brownies for delivery would take off, even though the idea is great, many customers are accustomed to cinnamon, cherry, or apple type treats, at least in my area.

We have done some R&D on the some sort of concept. We will par-bake them in the oven about 90% and then reheat in oven for about 5 minutes to serve. We’re using a round pan, one size, and selling sliced as a would a pizza in 6 slices.

thanks guys, meeting with my supplier to discuss this… let you know how things go

CiCi’s Brownies…

Brownie Production

Equipment Needed:
½ size baking sheet pans, dry
Spray Release
Wire Whip
Brownie Mix
Measuring cup (2)
13 qt. Mixing Bowl
Spatula, plastic
Plastic dough cutter or plastic knife


  1. Oven must be turned on & at correct baking temperature
  2. In the mixing bowl, add 3# of the brownie mix
  3. Add 1 1/4 C. (10 oz.) of warm water (75 deg.) to the mix
  4. Add ½ C. (4 oz.) of Oil to the mix
  5. Blend/stir the ingredients in the bowl until all dry items are evenly blended.
  6. Spray the ½ size baking pans LIGHTLY with the spray release.
  7. Pour the brownie batter into one ½ size pan, scraping all the mix from the bowl into the ½ pan.
  8. Smooth the batter in the ½ pan so it is evenly spread over the entire pan – no skimpy batter in the corners.
  9. Tap the bottom of the pan several times to remove any air bubbles & bake – do not let the mix set, as it may stick.
  10. Place the pan width-wise into the oven, with the rear edge equal to the tunnel entrance.
  11. The brownies s/b cooled for 2 hours before cutting. If left out longer, the brownies will dry out.
  12. Using the plastic knife or dough scraper, scrape the perimeter of the pan, loosening the brownies from the edge.
  13. Cut the brownie in ½, lengthwise, then spin ¼ turn & cut in ½ again, so you now have 4 sections. Cut each of those sections 2 times, into 3 equal lengths. Spin the pan ¼ turn again & cut each section 2 times again.
  14. Portion 9 brownies into a small box with a paper liner.
  15. Dust heavily w/powdered sugar.
  16. Wrap each box in plastic wrap.
  17. Do not refrigerate.

oven temp may vary a bit…start @ 550 but not over 650…

you might try some small rectangular tins, like those used in chinese take-out for smaller portions…we used to cut 'em & wrap 'em in an 8" box…

Excellent, you thinki could deliver those uncut right out of the oven? i could market them " cut your own fresh baked brownies"