Fresh Basil

How do you keep fresh basil from molding & how long (days) will it keep fresh ??

The trick…just like roses…lol…

Trim the ends…

Stand them up,in a bucket, in an inch or so of water…(I used a 1/6 deep hotel pan…)

Put a bag loosely over the top…then back in the cooler

I can get 7-10 days that way…

Do you put any water in the bottom of pan?? So basically you are like making an aquarium type container?? What do you do with the loose leaves, I bought a small container from Sams club, had some loose leaves, so I put them into one of those veg. containers that is suppose to make veggies last longer, didn’t work molded with 2-3 days… Do you refridg them ??

We do similar to what Patriot’s says, but at room temp.
We buy basil in 1 pound bags, my wife clips the ends and arranges the sprigs in a couple of vases. We usually get between 1 - 2 weeks, depending on how well the basil was treated before we got it.

I will try that. Thanks for the info