Fresh Chicken Breast Prices

what are you guys paying these days? My 40lb of fresh boneless random skinless breast are up to $70/cs

I was told the feed that uses ethanol is skyrocketing since they make more $$ selling to oil companies instead of farmers? :?

heard same thing just today. I’m at 1.82

I have read the same reasons. Politicians. Ethanol. It will make everything better. So they riot in Mexico over the cost of tortillas and we are going to pay significantly more for a range of products in the U.S. because of the increased corn prices. And then we pay more money for ethanol as fuel on top of that. Reminds me of what the publisher of a New England paper said many years ago. “The problem with government is that all the good minds have gone into business leaving the running of government to fools”.

GREAT QUOTE…definitely will use that one!

Hows about J-Rokk for PRESIDENT?

He is too smart to be president. You need an actor that can follow a script written by the power brokers. How about Dustin Hoffman for president?