Fresh French Fries... how do you do yours?

I remember a thread on this a while back but now I can’t find it.

Anyways, for all of you who do Fresh French Fries… how do you do it?
I’ve seen on TV people slices the fries then just leave them in a 5gal bucket of water all day and night until there used… others do the same but lid the bucket and let sit in the water for a few days, not sure why though.

And what kind of Potato do you use? Russet, Idaho, something else? and why?

Thanks all!

I don’t do fresh french fries for the shop, but at home I always soak them in salted ice water before cooking them. The number one reason is it stops the potatoes from turning black before you use them, and number 2 (I’ve heard, but may not be true) that it prevents the potatoes from absorbing extra grease during cooking. (think of curly fries that are cut and cooked right away).

Here’s an oldie but goodie thread . . . … otato#8766

Cook’s Illustrated has a couple articles in issues that describe the why’s and how’s of the water soak. Basically, it’s about the starches and maximizing the crispiness.

Par-fry at low temp to coook through and soften . . . . drain and cool . . . fry to serve at 375F to color and crisp.

Nick has the search function down to a science…Thanks Nick…

Off topic a bit…

Stopped in to my local Hardee’s (haven’t been in a while) for a biscuit sandwich…

Combo meals now served w/“Country” potatoes…rather than hash rounds…

Looks like a lightly breaded/fried random diced potato cube…

Not bad - might consider trying to replicate…

THANKS for the link… don’t know why I could’nt find the darn thing when i was searchin.

I’ve been testing the:

  1. cut>cook method, not to good and browns to fast and inside is to solid.
  2. cut>salt water>soak 1 hour> cook… same as 1. but little less brown.
  3. cut>parfry>cool and drain>cook… still dark, taste slightly better but still solid on the inside.

seen a couple others with lemon in the water for soaking, suppose to cut down on the brown… not sure about that.

Whats with this?

The Lemon Juice does help as a preservative…BUUUUUTTTTTTT…if you do delivery of fries then do not consider fresh-cut. I did them for 5 years and got tired of people trying to cut corners on the prep which did include the cutting…washing…blanching…cooking. However, when they get to someones home…they are SOGGY.

Now, an alternative is McCains freshcut skin on fried…not sure of the prod number…but these are a great alternative. Also, remember that you pay for pototoes by the pound and when your potatoes come in too large for the slicing maching…or a percentage is rotten…or the labor cost to slice and prep…you get the same taste from the pre-cuts…UNLESS you are a vendor at a function at an event where you want to show and sell.

Onekey element is to avoid browning in the par fry stage. Cook low and slower so as to blanch almost all the way through till starting to limp . . . then drain. there should be little to no color at all. When you drop for the final step at 360 t0 375, yo8u should be able to remove when crisp and golden.