Fresh Jumbo Chicken Wing Prices

Back in 2014 the pub in Atlanta I worked we were buying 40lb cases from Sysco Foods for 80 to 100 dollars can anyone tell me what you are paying right this moment trying to decide if I want them on the menu. I’m really just concerned about price fluctuations. Thanks

In Atlanta and it’s $89.50 a case. But this is the season where they constantly climb until the Super Bowl

In St. Louis I am paying $69 this week. Six weeks ago it was 48.99. 15thStreet is correct, they will only climb until January. It doesn’t help Tyson just closed 2 of their chicken plants.


Ive had excellent wing prices for a while. They have been climbing lately

We mainly buy medium size wings.

Jumbo wings get to be too big often at 5-6 per pound

Jumbo wings are $79/cs

Medium wings $83/cs

This week 2.09 a pound, in May 1.49 a pound that’s for jumbo from Wayne’s Farm.
May also consider the fry oil that’s another 49.50
In my area. Southern Ohio.