Fresh Mushrooms

My wife and I own a small pizzeria just outside of Milwaukee. There is a mushroom cellar (Palm’s Mushroom Cellar) about 20 minutes away, and I’ve just starting using them. The mushrooms are harvested tonight, cooled over night, sliced in the morning, and brought to me by 8 in the morning, super white, really clean and super fresh. The problem I’m having is the amount of water that they release. I have a XLT 4032 and love it. But when I’m crank’en out pizzas, I don’t really have the time to drain the excess water off the pie before it goes in the coffin. We are known in the area for piling on the mushrooms, 18 oz. of mushrooms on a 16" pizza, I know it’s a lot of mushrooms but it’s working for us, and our guest love them. What do I do?

Do they dry out a bit if you wait a day or two to use them?

Is it possible to roast them on a sheet pan first for a short time after they come in? That could dry them out a bit.

can you get a thinner sliced mushroom?
They’ll blow out their water quicker, and you’ll get better visual coverage

Or, get a pelican-head attachment for your mixer, get whole shrooms, and slice them yourself to the exact thickness that you want.

I’ll trade you all the dried up sysco shrooms you want for those super fresh ones

Thanks guys for the input. The mushrooms are sliced 1/16 of a inch which is right on the money for us. Roasting them first seems first like a pain in the a$$, and I think that would defeat the purpose. We go through roughly 120# of mushrooms a week. As far for you GotRocks if you have Dierks Waukesha food service up by you, they carry the same Mushrooms as I get. It’s just I get them direct. $17.00 a case

Dierks does get up here, (Minocqua Area) but they only deliver to our independent food purveyors in the area. they do not do restaurants up here
so that $17.00 case of mushrooms would probably be near $30.00, and a week older before I’d see them
The one I really wish that covered my area is Greco, they’ve got everything I want/need for the non-BBQ side of the biz.

I would suggest then just keeping them for 24 hours in the walkin.

Yeah, you just need to buy yourself some time on a batch and always be a few days (or so) behind and you should be fine.

GotRocks, Greco & Sons is my main supplier, I get almost everything I need from them, Grande’ cheese, Stanislaus, paper, chemicals, everything but mushrooms, sausage and my fresh bread. Great pricing, great service and there only a 10 minute drive to there warehouse from our store.:slight_smile: I’ll try airing out the mushrooms for a day or so, lets see if that has any effect on the moisture problem I have.

i slice and put in a pizza dough tray uncovered in walk in

mushrooms are mostly water and if you want them at their best texture and to protect your crust and cheese from water you need to saute them slightly. it may be the only hope.