Fresh or canned mushrooms?

Here in CO it is a very health conscious area–we only use fresh mushrooms but i personally prefer the canned variety–what are your experiences?

I am having the same issue here, can’t decide which is better. Canned last longer, easier to store, and look good when coming out of the oven. Fresh is always better they say, but a mushroom slice wilts and disappears inside an oven during baking. I am leaning toward going with canned.

we use canned… you just gotta watched that they are drained really well otherwise the pizza goes to shit… fresh do taste good but the appearance isnt so great and the shelf life doesnt compare to cans… and they dehydrate severly in the oven leaving nothing left of the damn shroom!.. IMO canned looks better taste almost if not as good , plus the cooked appearance is better and shelf life is excellent!!.. just my 2 cents

I use fresh. Increased my portion for mushrooms to combat shrinkage. Don’t like canned mushrooms personnally. Look like rubber door stoppers. A semi-blanched mushroom is a as close to canned as I’ve ever gotten.

I think fresher is always better.

We use fresh mushrooms. Our guests seem to love it! There is a taste difference to me, the canned mushrooms have a bit of a vinegary taste with a slight pungency (I like canned mushrooms, keep that in mind).
Fresh mushrooms have an earthy taste to them. The thinner you slice them and put them on the pizza, the earthier the flavour.
There’s a place here called Amato’s Pizza, they have an amazing pizza that is just covered in them!
Would you consider offering a choice of either canned or fresh to your customers?

We used to use all canned… got complaints. Then we switched to all fresh… got complaints from people that only like canned.

So, we offer both. We ask the customer which they would like. We charge extra for the fresh. It’s a great way to price discriminate. People who are serious about mushrooms don’t mind paying extra.

I was really thinking of offering only fresh, but after reading this might just decide to offer both. I like fresh on Pizza, but I like canned on a mushroom swiss burger for some reason? To each their own I guess.

We use fresh. I never liked the texture and flavor of canned mushrooms. They do look better than fresh on a pizza but I’d choose taste of appearance anyday.

lol @ Gpizza -Rubber doorstoppers… !

We only use canned, but offer both if you can.

A couple years ago, I started feeling guilty for calling my “ground pork topping” sausage. So, to ease my conscience, we switched to “real” sliced sausage. I thought they would be beating down the door for the real stuff. NOPE! Most of them griped about it. We had to offer both. Not everyone is concerned about how healthy something is.

Incidentally, I happened to notice last week when I was putting away my food order that my canned mushrooms have almost a 3 year shelf life. EEEEWWW!!!

mmmmmm. What if you were to offer fresh mushrooms and then 1 year old canned, 2 year old canned and 3 year old canned mushrooms.
It’ll be like a fine wine… " Ah yes, I’ll take the canned mushrooms from 2004 please."

we use fresh blanched mushrooms…its kind of in between the two…fresh taste with a bit longer shelf life

We switched after 15yrs of canned to fresh and never looked back…much better and very few problems with shelf life…everybody else uses canned so it sets us apart

We have tried all three- fresh, canned, and blanched- fresh is totally the way to go. You save prep time not having to squeeze the water out, the pie is mush dryer with fresh, they taste better and I think they are more classy, sure you only get a 4-5 day shelf life but it is worth it.

When we opened we got at least 50 phone calls asking if we offered fresh or canned???

People are serious about their shrooms!!

We use something called “Magic Shrooms” that we get from a guy down by the University. Our customers can’t get enough!

We’re lucky where we are as we have a mushroom farm about 15 minutes drive away from the shop where we purchase direct from the grower.

I have to phone first thing in the morning and pick up before 11am direct from the farm.

We were buying from a market broker supplier at $26 per 4kg box and the quality varied from just good to plain awful and they didn’t last too long either.

We now buy seconds or B grades direct from the grower (one of the biggest in Australia) at $14 for seconds and $16 for B grades. Quality is great and the only thing is they are odd shapes or have broken stems etc. They are fresh, fresh, fresh, often only picked that morning.

We slice them in our shredder/slicer and put them in airtight plastic boxes and keep them in the coolroom.They last at tip top condition for a week.
We go through about 8 boxes a week.

Flavour is tops and they look good.

One of our biggest sellers is the Portofino = Mushrooms, Prawns (Shrimps to you guys) and Bacon. I reckon it is because of the fresh mushrooms.

With our business theme of Bigger, Fresher, Tastier we need to be using fresh, so we have canned the idea of canned.

And the added bonus is the rich earthy aroma of fresh mushrooms. I just love going up to the farm to pick up our supply. I’m just like a kid in a candy store.


what are blanced fresh and can anyone comment on cost, we find canned cheaper but fresh go further!

blanching is when they are scalded before useing as far as cost goes I buy my fresh mushrooms at our local grocery store for 23.00 for 20lbs