Fresh or Pre-cut

Those of you that operate Delcos,do you cut your own vegetables or use pre-cut ones? which is better?

we cut our own except lettuce [ see post from today] which we will be cutting from now on.i just steped up and bought a new chopper and tomato slice they both work so good im tickled pink all come out same size lot less waste and me not cringing from the way the girls handle the knives was worth the price.and customers notice.

We cut our own. (our tomato slicer lasted about a year, now we do it by hand) pre-sliced vegis have a MUCH shorter shelf life and often arrived already slimy (peppers ad onions).

Pre-sliced are a lot more expensive and the supposed savings for labor and waste were long gone with the stuff we had to through out and the quality was so-so on average anyway.

the onlt veg we dont cut is the carrots for our salad…I find that the pre- shredded look better in a salad

only thing we get pre-cut is mushrooms

Same here we cut everything fresh except the mushrooms. Have a great little machine we use from Ditto -Dean. It is compact, fast, easy to clean ,and can really knock out the volume.

I would love to save the cringing when my staff cuts our veggies. We cut EVERYTHING by hand.
Not to mention the amount of time it takes is beyond insane. I have tried 100 different incentives to get them to take the job seriously.
So… for you who use slicers etc. What exactly are they? Id like a counter top manual type thingy.
Thanx muchly!