Fresh Spinich

In the past I’ve always used frozen spinich as a topping. I want to start using fresh spinich. Do I need to blanch it first before using it? Or do I just throw it on the pizza.

I put spinach on fresh, under the cheese,

PS, I am in Macon, GA, see link below

where ar you in Georgia


Pastabilities Italian Restaurant, Inc.

I use fresh baby leaf spinach and there is no need for blanch.

Under or over cheese?

I do it under the cheese with fresh spinach. I like to do almost all of my vegetable under the cheese. It helps keep them from drying out, charring, or burning.

we put fresh spinach under the cheese, but it’s rarely totally covered. No problems. no blanching needed. We even found out, through random questioning of customers, that they LIKE having a stem on the leaf, it assures them that it’s fresh. Wierd, but labor-saving!


I like doing the same thing with the spinach, have some sticking out from under the cheese, looks a lot better to me too,


If we used a 12" deep pan fresh spinach topping under the cheese, would it require the same cooking time in a conveyor? Currently we are at 500F and 6min25sec.

I use fresh spinach in a deep dish under the cheese on a conveyor oven with the same cooking time as all the rest of the pizza I make.