Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

I’ve been offered another booth at one of the festivals I do, cause the vendor cant make it. He was just doing fresh squeezed lemonade.I’m going to put my apple cider donut machine there but I still want to do lemonade. It’s the kind you cut the lemon in half then use a squeezer then add water and sugar and shake in front of the customer. Has anybody done this kind of lemonade. I don’t think it is just water that they add. I think it’s citric acid and sugar water.I cant call the vendor and I dont know any owners at on the boardwalk( there must be 30 store fronts on the coast). I want to keep the same feel of his booth cause people come back to this festival every year. What

Also it saturday and sunday this week! :wink:

Apple cider donuts?..Yummmmm!!!

One of the best fundraisers we did for our German Club when our kids were in school was the “lemon-shake up”. We simply used 1/2 a lemon per about 16 or 20 oz cup (can’t recall)…1/4C white sugar…fill with water and ice, shake and serve. Pretty simple and hugely profitable!

I just tried 1 gallon simple syrup to 5 gallons water, 1 cup citric acid for water mix. Then half a lemon squeezed into cup of ice add “water” and shake.
Going to work on it more tonight.
Apple cider donuts…I have a lil orbits 1200 mini donut maker. Works really well.
Thanks Bryan