Fresh yeast and water temperature

When we use Compressed yeast.
Is the water temperature still 100 to 105F

I believe you only need enough water to dissolve the yeast at that temperature not for the water of the entire dough. You should look into instant dry yeast. It is a lot easier to work with.

i never tried amd i dnt have perfect recipe for dry yeast.
We are using fresh yeast from last 15 years.
And results and good too.

When you use fresh/compressed/brick/block wet yeast (all thew same product just known by different names) you don’t need to suspend the yeast in water unless you are mixing the dough by hand and even then you can use any temperature water needed to give you the targeted finished dough temperature. IDY isn’t typically suspended prior to use/addition to the dough but ADY must be suspended in 100F water to both hydrate and activate the yeast prior to addition. IDY is just added dry right on top of the flour and CY (compressed yeast) is typically crumbled and added right on top of the flour.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor