friday 11:00 am new store opens!!!

new store opens friday im beat been at by myself since oct. 3 rd can see light at end of tunnel all equipment in food orders came today and tommorow girls are cleaning like crazy me i just keep walking in circles with wife steering me toward next item on list to get done :wink: health inspector comes tommorow hes cool though stoped by twice this week to chat and help keep me motivated .not everything will be done by 11:00 am friday but were rollin with it hope that light isnt a train. :shock:

You are a brave man opening on a Friday! I wish you the best of luck, and congratulations!

good luck!!!
I opened up on a friday as well.
Wish you the best

Keep us upadted on how the opening went.

Hey do you also have pole dancing in the new outlet ?? 8)


goooooooooooooooood luck!!! :slight_smile:

our second opened last monday. very soft opening I just turned the open sign on and got hammered friday

Now the fun and games begin.


Sooooo did you survive?

Congratsā€¦hope all went well

we survived but I just cant imagine what we would have done with a grand openingā€¦
I tell you it does my heart good to get such a warm welcolme from the community

well did kinda soft opening on friday response was good had plenty of help my dad even came down from michigan guess he needed a good laugh :lol: nothing like being 38 and still being 15 in his eyes :twisted: plenty of armchair quarterbackin!!! everything went smooth for the most part no major kinks just hard gettin use to where everything is and pizza make line being completly backwards from what is was that was intresting :smiley: did lot of meet n greet with customers they all said the same thing daing you look tired everyone was very surprised how good it looked on the inside had one customer keep repeating the fact that i was no cheapskate that hes sure the 50" flatscreen had to cost at least 2000.00 actualy 996.99 on sale but it felt good to see people having a good time. saturday little less hectic but steady no one standing around few larger groups came in nice big bbq orders pizzas still did good on carry out some people complained about no drive thru now but most of them need some exercise anyway.gonna be hard gettin use to the extra prep time before and after hours plus the dishes but it will all work out . sunday little less than expecting hopeing for church crowd but was little slow still did twice what we normally do from the shed. will contact newspaper man on monday for grand opening article for paper this week . then follow that up with postcards over the next few weeks.all in all went pretty good dog tired but we will make it.