Friday Night Well Done Pizza Requests

Conveyor operators, how do you handle Friday night requests for well done pizzas? Our ovens are constantly full Friday nights, if yours are also full, how do you handle this request??


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We have two convection ovens that we can put the pizzas in or you can put them in at the beginning and take out half way or put them in halfway.

I was wondering how that request would be handled with a conveyor. I use decks, but have wanted a conveyor for sometime.
Anyway I heard you place a blank screen behind the well done pizza, and place the pizza on the blank screen behind it when its coming out.
It sounds annoying on a friday night to have a blank screen where you could have a pizza though.
But it might not be that bad

Blank screen is it. It’s not that bad, really.
Also, when the oven tender sees a “WD” (on the slip, which we always highlighted) he/she can usually push it back well before it’s nearly out which, essentially, makes it well done with an additional 30 seconds, not 2 minutes.
Does that eliminate the fact that a screen was placed there? No, not really, but freeing up that space sooner usually helps in other ways.
Additionally, WD pies would go in the back, which was always hotter so that got you 1/2 way there, anyway.

We do it with a blank screen behind it and push the pizza back. It does get annoying when it’s busy, but what can you do? If there is ever an order for say 10 well done pizzas I will just add about 45 sec to the conveyer time, run the order through, and then change the conveyer back to normal time.

I’ve also been known to say “Yeah, it’s 6pm on Friday so, we’ll do the very best we can” I’ve never had anybody say anything other than “Thanks- appreciate it”

This is typically what we do but have had some people say their pizza wasn’t well done enough.

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Blank screen is typically what we do when it’s not super busy, but we have a 32” belt and we have a 20” XL. If it’s a 20” screen behind it and we get something that goes halfway through the oven, like a Hoagie, it’s very possible it slides on the screen and then defeats the purpose. Then the other issue that arises is that we’re timing pizzas to go in for deliveries, so they may be sitting on the racks next to the oven made and and ready to go in, it could be 15-20 minutes before it goes in, easy to forget about it with how many pizzas are going through the two ovens. Blank screen I guess still is the best practice

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A friend of mine who does around 1500 pies on fridays he has a triple decker conveyor and keeps the top belt running slower just for the WD pies.

Whats the name and location of this place? I want to look it up

This is what my brother does, but one of his ovens is a split belt and he runs one side of the split belt oven slower. He cooks all of his wings and well done pizzas on this belt. That’s what I will do when I move to the new building and have a bigger cut table to handle 3 ovens. Right now its very rare that we run three, and when running two we use a screen behind the well done.

Cumberland House of Pizza in Rhode Island.

We have a well done belt. It works well for well done and multiple toppings.

We put them in the back, someone has to babysit them for a couple of minutes but it’s not that bad with 3 conveyors going.

It is surprising to me that some of you are getting enough requests for this to have an oven set for it… or that it is even an issue. We might get one or two a night and we just push them back for an extra minute or so.

My theory is that this request comes from customers used to pizza from deck ovens where the “doneness” is so variable and sometimes the pies are delivered underdone… hence the request. Conveyor ovens cook the same every time.

It also depends on how you cook… normally.
I always cooked on the darker end of the spectrum so we had a few requests/night but nothing crazy.
Some places cook so light that it is, in my opinion, disgusting.
Place in my city right now that I literally asked “is your oven setting off?” (being serious as they were 360’s)
“No, that’s the way we cook 'em” They were literally just over par-baked… very odd.
I think it’s almost a barometer if you get THAT many WD requests.

I agree with Urnuts. If a conveyor is properly set up a request for well done should be very rare.
George Mills

We run all 3 Edge 60’s on Friday. so there’s usually a little room to put a pizza back in. We set a timer for 2 minutes for well done - I don’t think the screen in back would get pizzas well done enough.

Our cook times and temp are perfect as is, we typically have attributed it to customers being used to deck ovens as well, however, you always have those customers who want their pizzas thin and well done, which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me. Then you have the customers who almost want the pizza to be so well done that you wonder if you should even put it out. Our issue is space on a Friday night. We’ve added fryers and taken away from the the amount of food going through the oven and we’re still swamped to the point we can’t do well done on a Friday.

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At a certain point I feel like we need to tell the customer that we don’t make the style of pizza they seem to be looking for. We have a 25 oz doughball for a 16" pie. If they are looking for a crunchy pie made in a hot deck oven with a 12oz doughball that is just not us. They are unlikely to ever like what we send them and that is where bad reviews come from!