fried buffalow wings help

Does anyone blance their wings for a short amout of time before using them at a later time so they will fry faster. If so could you please tell me your technique and the whole process.
Thanks, Kel

Parbake and fry to order

I used to do that but it was such a mess and a problem. The wings got all sticky after being fried and clumped together so I just cooked once all the way through to order. I have not tried to bake though, that might work better and it is for sure much safer to be handling a cooked product rather than raw.

If I remember correctly it only takes 8-9 minutes to fry wings.Are you trying to save more time then that?

8-9 minutes in a fryer basket is too long for me and we have 2 full size fyers…parbaking gets us under 5 easily

When you say parbake do you bake in over before frying or fry for a few minutes and then store until ready to fry for the order.


when I say we parbake it means bake in an oven first, then fry to order.

does anyone here bake their wings after frying and saucing?

I don’t but I am thinking of giving it a shot on one flavor…Garlic parm wings. I was thinking of using fresh grated instead of the powdered stuff and running it through the oven to melt it onto the wing really good, other than that I don’t think I would take the time to do it.

Par cook (fry)your wings two minutes shy of normal cook time, let cool slightly, then put in reefer in a closed container( bagging works well)

Only do about a day ahead of actual selling.

When you want to serve them, anywhere from 2 minutes to 3 minutes ( depends on fryer temp)will give you a product that’s pretty darn near normal.

Trust me on this one, it’s how our stores do 20k- 30k for super bowl.

thanks for the info, i will give it a try.

WING_MAN…Thank you so much for the hint about frying the day before. Just opened a new store with small fryer area nd you solved the problem of waiting 7 minutes.

Wing man is right on. we have one 40# fryer, and need to put through 100# ina 4 hour shift. It was insanity until we stumbled on par-frying. The humainty of it all.

We parfry our 6-9 wings at 350F for about 7 minutes (check temp on a couple of them to 165F). Spread in pizza dough box to cool for 10 minutes then into reefer crossstacked until cold, then boxed into containers for 2.5 minute crisp/refresh. the difference from fresh fried is negligible! You volume potential skyrockets, and you are seldom more than 5 minutes from filling those 150 that just got sent back to the kitchen!

Parbake, parfry, parsteam, pargrill. Whatever you do, parcook those fresh wings! Ask you local giant wing company how they do it . . .parcooking.