From Deck to Conveyor...afraid it will sacrifice quality

Have a 16 yr old bakers pride double deck oven on its last leg. I believe the conveyor will simplify things for the reality of my new recruits are inexperienced. I am concerned that I will be hard pressed to get a good crisp crust with the conveyor. thinking about the xlt. Hotrocks seems too expensive
your thoughts

I made the move this past fall. I agree you won’t get the same pizza, but you can get close… I’ve changed the hydration level and eliminated sugar from dough, and I cook at a lower temp for a bit longer.

We’re making the same switch. Really hard to do, but these helped me out a lot with the crust… Hearth Bake Disks

Did you increase or decrease your hydration ?

I increased it from 62% to 66%. It ha
s helped.

I’ll have to try that. What does the increased hydration do?

Makes the crust crisper. I now am at 490F and 6:40. MM PS360S oven

. Anyone using the HotRocks Oven? Looks like the best of both worlds. No?

I have aways use conveyor ovens. I bake thin and crispy crust, deep dish, and hand tossed pizzas.
There is still a lot of work involved in getting pizzas cooked properly. We parbake the heavy pies with a lot of toppings. We often take them out of the pan to bake on the belt the last 2-3 minutes to get a better bake off. As with deck ovens. My experience is not all pizzas have the same bake time.