frozen dough suppliers

yo, new guy here,
I am looking for a frozen dough supplier other than Sysco. any recommendations?

this is a great forum!

Roma where are you located

Rich’s maks a really good dough, if a little irregular in shape sometimes. Check with USFoods, Roma/Vistar and PFG Milton. These are all vendors I have found in Southeast who carry the Rich’s products. Others have posted off and on that they find it performs well for them, too.

Rich’s is a really good product. It should be available from most full line distributors. What is the issue with Sysco? I have always had good luck with them.

fat boy, i am in north louisiana.
bodegahwy, i have told that the sysco products …suxs…and been warned away.
Nick, I will look up Rich’s and Romas

thanks guys…

oh yeah, anyone reccomend a sheeter or a press?
i am leaning towards the sheeter…

Sheeter will destroy more of the cell structure than a press. And a press will destroy more than hand tossing.