Frozen Dough

For those using Frozen Dough, I was just curious how it works. From the moment you get the doughballs from your distributor, to the moment they go in the oven. The specifics I am looking for are.

  1. Is it possible to not freeze them after receiving delivery. Such as get a delivery on Monday, tray them up to use for Tuesday, Wesnesday, Thursday. Then get a delivery on Thursday to tray up for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Do the doughballs even last that long?

  2. How long does it take to slack/proof a doughball after coming out of the freezer/frozen truck?

We are currently making our own dough and probably always will but I am just curious how it works…


If you can find someone that is into dough making only, fresh, not frozen who has been in the pizza business prior to this business, you’ll find a partner, so to speak.


In another lifetime I used the Rich’s frozen dough. It was a very good, consistent product. It arrived frozen and went from there to our freezers. We would pull cases a couple of days ahead of use and let them thaw in the walkin. They would still be partially frozen when we broke open the cases and trayed them up. We used stacking/nesting trays. We would tray up dough for the following two days or so.

We would take additional cases from the freezer every day to start the thawing process. If we used more than what we thought we would we would break open cases a day sooner. If less was used we would not bring much out of the freezer. This allowed us to respond to higher volume and not miss sales while minimizing overproofing and waste.

To make all this work, I had three of the largest size sears chest freezers in the storage area. We had two deliveries per week.

Monday takes cases from Freezer
Wednesday take dough balls from cases to trays
Use on Thursday and Friday.