frozen pizza market

does anyone have any input on the frozen pizza market ups and downs i have a chance to get into it
thanks any input would be helpful

There is a market for everything, it’s how well you do determines the outcome. I don’t know what you will be doing, will you be making the frozen pizzas to be packages by the big boys? or you are going to make your own brand to offer in grocery stores? It is very risky because everyone who is in that kind of industry has a strong foot hold. I’de say better fresh than frozen :slight_smile:

My food cost is higher than what those pizzas at safeway sell for. No thanks.

I agree the margins are waaaaaaay to tight. Must do tons of volume to make any money.

In Canada frozen pizza makers can get a “permit” that allows them to buy cheese for 30% less than pizzerias…Does anything like that happen in the US?..

You can only get the permit if you ONLY do frozen. If you do fresh as well there is no permit for you!!

No permit like that in the good ol’ US of A as far as I know of. Your government up there kind of sets the price in the first place don’t they? Maybe they just taxed it a whole lot more, but I remember reading something strange about it once before I think!? The frozen pizza’s that I have had in the past didn’t even have what I would call cheese on them anyway!!! LOL!