frozen pizza?

hi everyone. would anyone know where i can get info if i wanted to sell frozen pizza and homemade bakery goods not just from the store but threw online orders that can be shipped anywhere in u.s. thank you an example : i have customers that visit relatives near my store but live out of state and love my pizza and desserts asking if i could ship it to them? desserts meaning whole cheesecakes or banana nut bread loafs.

I can tell you shipping frozen is expensive - we use special coolers with dry ice and have to ship them overnight.

Is anyone on here shipping pizzas?

I keep getting more and more requests from former fans now living out of state. Last time I looked into this, the packaging I found was like $30 and the shipping was about the same. The cost on shipping a single pizzas was crazy, but if someone really, really wants to pay for it…

Does anyone have a good source for the packaging? Also, what is the best (cheapest) company for shipping these things overnight?

You will need to do some on-line searching, to find them, but there are some companies that specialize in packaging and working with shippers like Fed. Ex. They can provide you with the best package, using a minimum of dry ice, allowing you to ship at the lowest possible cost. A number of years ago I worked with a packaging company out of (Miami, FL?) to ship cakes (Send A Cake) all over the U.S. I don’t have a reference to the company anymore, but I’m sure there are still some in existance.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use a company called thermosafe. Their website is

We use a 12" pizza to ship and we can fit 5 cheese or 4 sausage in the container we chose and there is room for the 4 refreezable gel packs that keep the food frozen/cold until it arrives. You have to make sure it arrives to their door in 2 days. Anything over 2 days on the ground must go 2 day air and then it gets expensive. From Illinois to California, 2 day air for the above container size and contents can run $65 in shipping alone. You have to ad the cost of the pizza, plus the cost of the container and freezer bricks. On the ground in 2 days, shipping is only 12-15 dollars.

The size of the box is important, I wouldn’t ship anything bigger than a 12 inch because that makes the outside of the box 15x15. As it is, the box we ship goes by size not weight, because of the way UPS does things. Its is a great thing for people who are 2 days away on the ground

Hope this helps


Thank you Tony,

My google-fu had failed me and I was unable to find anything on my own.

hangs head in shame

I’ll definitely check these guys out.