Frozen Pizzas Recalled … 0000000001

Anyone else feel that they should name the pepperoni supplier?

"The people did not have packages with dates codes or other information General Mills needs to narrow down which pizzas might be affected, General Mills spokesman Tom Forsythe said, adding that, for the same reason, the company could not determine which of its suppliers provided the pepperoni. "

Sounds like a GMP and HACCP problem. If these are effectively followed, you should have traceability of EVERY ingredient going into every product you make. This is an example of why those programs are so vitally important to any/all large wholesale manufacturers.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

glad it is none of us here, but it hurts us all in the pizza business…
hope there is not much damage and that it is history soon,

I used the news story as a “hook” to promote my business. I sent an email out to my customer list last night with a link to the General Mills website including the title and date of the G.M. media release.

I told the customers I was going to treat them to $2.00 off our large pie with two toppings. They have to redeem the email messaage to get the $2.00 off. There are exclusions and an expiration date.

Today a few customers who we had not heard from in a little while called or stopped in. I asked if they got the email and they said yes they had. Most of them did not even care about getting the discount. They were pleased that we thought enough of them to alert them to the recall.