My business is doing well but am frustrated at the number of uneducated and inexperienced people who get into the pizza business. I just cant seem to kill them fast enough as fast as I put them out of business there is another who pops right up to lose his/her money and go under 1-2 years later. If my area had a growing economy I would understand but I am in western PA where the economy is next to dead. Its actually getting a little boring putting them out. I used to enjoy it but its like shooting fish in a barrel. I feel like Blade as fast as he kills vampires there are 10 more waiting to be killed. Its just a continuous cycle. I guess it is just the nature of our business easy to get in and hard work to make real money. Anyway I feel better now that I got to vent. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I like to focus on taking business from the franchises (AKA people that didn’t have the guts to go “indie” and make a good product). Seems like the indies will sort themselves out in a free market.

The problem is the ovens. As long as they stay in town, someone else will turn them on. The only time that a place really goes away and stays away around here is when the ovens leave town after someone goes under.

LOL. Even without guts or a good product (as you say), I’m probably doing more business than the 3 indies in my delivery area combined. :roll:

Yeah theres nothing like laughing at the people that spent 100’s of thousands of dollars, not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears just to go under and lose it all and become a statistic.

Competition is life, deal with it OR as soon as you see another pizza place starting up, why not go over there and introduce yourself and tell them what you just told all of us. Make em think twice about losing all the time, effort, and all their hard earned money.

Hey Scott,

Im in Western PA as well, and I just bought a failing shop from guys that were there since 96. I admit, times are tough, but we are fortunate here in our little corner of the world that we havent seen as big a drop in our economy compared to other parts of the country. Take a look at the local malls on the weekends. They are packed with people looking for deals. I look at it this way, those with the cash are still spending, those who depended on credit are in trouble. Find the cash customers. The business is there, you just have to go out and find it. The guys I bought my shop from are excellent pizza makers, they just lacked in their marketing abilities. Belive me, I dont want to become a statistic either. But its not just pizza shops, most new business fail with in the first 2-3 years. Alot of that is just poor planning on the owners part. This is what I like about the Think Tank, its a forum for all of us in the pizza business to network and get new and fresh ideas. Neighbor or competitor, we are all in this together. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

yeah way to take pleasure in someone elses failed dreams.

This thread is completely useless and I find it to be pretty appalling. Isn’t this forum for independent pizza owners?

Just be glad no one has been successful at the pizza business in your area YET . Some day they will come along and then you will wish that person that just got by was still there.

MAybe I Read his post diffrent. I think he is trying to say. He doesnt understand why so many people believe Pizza is so easy to make money at. People think you plop down 100k or less and boom you are making money.

So many people dont study up on this business, you dont see this in any other type of business that i can think of.

I am sure we all know someone who opened a shop with little or no knowledge of the field.

I had to talk down a buddy a few years ago who was talking of opening a shop, who had never even worked in one before. He and his wife thought they could easily make what they did now. They made just over 120k a year. By running a shop together.

This really is an amazing field that people think is cake to do.

As I tell everyone who asks. When I talk about me slowly working taword opening my own shop.

IF its something you want. Go at least work in a place before you open a franchise or mom/pop shop.

This job is 10x harder then anyone who has worked it believes. They see the standard stoner driver guy , or the tubby guy floping dough on tv, and think its butter.

ITs easily the greatest crappy paying job i have ever done. I love every second of working in a pizza shop. Its def a job you have to love, because for 99% of the people who run a shop. Its a great lower/middle class job if you dont mind working and thinking about it every waking moment.

There are alot of people that get into the pizza business with no idea how hard it is. These people jump into it and get a smack in the face with reality.
I disagree that “owning” a shop is a lower/middle class job for 99%. Based on who I know in the area I am in.

I find no pleasure in people losing their “dream” I just hope someone reads this and understands that a dream without getting prepared and willing to work hard will end in a nightmare. Just found out this morning two more “dreams” have turned into nightmares. One franchised store and one independent will close their doors after this weekend. Thats four in the last month. I also found out earlier this week two more are opening up. I hope everyone on this board is doing well and will continue to expand and support their families thru the holidays and beyond. Good Luck to all.

Bars, my friend. I’ll take a pizza shop any day of the week after my days slinging booze.

The original post seems a bit arrogant to me. Maybe I’m just reading into in too much. I don’t understand why someone would feel frustrated just because a competitor decides to open, gets in over their head, and is forced to close. Why would this anger the busines owner that is doing well? He’s right. This is not a business for the faint of heart. But as Scott T. said it, it’s their dream. They’re just trying to get their “piece of the pie”. I try not to get stuck on watching every move my competitors make. I would rather spend my time and energy in building my own business. If my competitor does well or they if they struggle, I’m not going to celebrate or grieve over it. That’s business.

I read the original poster as either a troll or without intelligence.

First scenario, not good, probably closing doors; second scenario just plain stupid.

Honestly, who posts crap like this here. Hell, if I had ever worked in a shop and had done things like the experienced guys, I would not have been so different and sold!

Another day, another economy—I’ll wait.

Happy Holidays to ALL.