Fry Bread?

Anyone out there with a deep fryer making Fry Bread or something like it?

I was wondering how it would turn out using pizza dough. Anyone want to experiment and give some feedback… I don’t have a fryer! In addition to a sweet dessert or a sandwich wrap, I’m wondering if you could make a pizza on top of one and melt the cheese & heat the toppings w/o ruining the finished fry bread.

Pizza dough is great in the fryer. A lot of people do fried calzones here. Also, a lot of other pizza places do fried dough as a dessert. Just flatten it out and poke a small hole in the middle, coat it in powdered sugar or granulated sugar and cinnamon whilenits still hot.
I’ve also done fry bread tacos as a special on my food truck. I use the same pizza dough and it’s great.
I’ve heard of people finishing their fried calzones in the oven. Not sure if it’s to somehow make them crisper or maybe to make them non greasy? If you’re just melting the cheese I’m sure it won’t hurt it.

We used to make fried dough bites, we would cut a pizza doigh in bite size pieces, roll them in semolina then fry them, after liquid butter, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar with a sm souffle of maple syrup. Mega popular. My cost was .60 I sold them for $7. They are too labor intensive especially on Friday nights. Im trying to figure a better workflow.

Ive been playing around with a product called Beignets, a New Orleans version of fried dough

This reminded me of a post years ago where someone here posted about making fried pizza. They cut the pizza into strips, dipped the pieces in batter and deep fried them as an appetizer. We tried it in our kitchen and most of the crew loved it.

There was something called a Ponza Rotta. It was a fried dough calzone.
We tried it on a slow night years ago, it was hard to execute. I was worried the filling was going to explode in the fryer making a mess.
Anyway we fried it for awhile the outside was done but the inside wasnt cooked. Then it got busy and that was the last time i messed with the idea

This is a very popular item from where I’m originally from Toronto. Panzerotti very easy to make and very popular there. I’m planning on introducing it later this year or earlier next year. Look on YouTube on how to make there’s a ton of videos

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Fried pizza crust has been around for quite some time now, in fact it was the embroiled in big time litigation for many years. If you want to see what it’s like just buy a Celeste Brand (Pillsbury) pizza as it is made using a fried crust.
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