Fry Cutters

Hey all,
I’m looking into 1/4" fry cutters and found these:

Basic, cheap, sounds to be solid

Nice handle, and 4 times the price as the link above

I know Nemco is a brand name… but the Nemco Hot Dog Heater and Veggie Dicer i have from them both $uck.

Anyone ever use the cheaper 1st chopper?


Never used the cheaper model The ones we use are about twice the price, they’re stainless steel I think, but the same style. Stay away from the nice handle. To short if you do any kind of volume.

The second NEMCO unit without blinking an eye.

The durability and quality of the overall product is worth the extra price, plus you can get different blades to cut other items like diced onions and peppers for pizzas.

The first one isnt bad but being able to vertically mount the unit speeds the process and the fluids drain down (usually they are mounted over a sink at places Ive seen them).

That handle is awesome.
The manufacturer says the handle is short to prevent fatigue and increase productivity…

On another note, I do like those paper fry cups…Does anyone use them?..Do they increase sales?..


I have found the handle on the second, more expensive model you mentioned to be much easier and productive to use. I also think that something like a fry cutter, where the mechanical parts are being operated by a person and not a more precise motor, are not a great place to cut costs because you want durability.
My 2 cents.