Fryer Questions

I haven’t used a fryer since working at Arby’s in 1990.

Are Pitco fryers still considered to be great? What about Henny Penny fryers?

Drop in or pressure?

Which products to push? Which to not waste my time on?

Pitco drop in is my fav especially with built in filtration & digital timers
We do homemade mozz stix that are killer besides the usual wings, fries, etc

We have two drop in Pitco SG14 with digital controllers and built in filtration and one Henny penny 600 pressure fryer with computron 8000 controller Having the built in filter is a godsend as you can push the oil farther with the high cost now IMHO
We do our wings and chicken in HP and fish and seafood in one Pitco and everything else in the other Pitco
Both have there advantages and both are wonderful to have we prefer Nat Gas versions over elec

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