Fryer Yays and Woes

Morning Think Tankers,
I’m researching a story on fryers and I’m looking for a few operators to name some names. What kind are you using? Have you had any replacement/repair woes? Do you have an ole reliable in the kitchen?
Let us know and Happy Holidays!
Andrew Abernathy
PMQ Associate Editor
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I use an Autofry. Great fryer and easy to integrate into a business that is not set up for a fryer. I had a question on how to start frying and the folks at autofry were quick to help. Parts are easy to get. Their filters were on backorder so I made sure I stocked up on them by ordering their 1 year supply kit.

Nothing fancy here, we use a couple of old Pitco 35# deep fryers. We do everything from our hand cut fries, onion rings, shrimp and “fish & chips”. No problems, and on Friday and Saturday I could stand having 2 more back there if I had room under the hood.

I have a Wells 17.5# dual fryer. I got it used 15 yrs ago & have not any major things go wrong with it.

My 1st foray into the retail venue, from being a wholesaler of par-baked products, we got on ebay a Crispy Lite ventless fryer (now owned by Wells/Bloomfield (?))

It was awesome! I took it to several locations where I never had a hood…I would recommend that over the grease less/ventless options any day…