My local suppier dropped off a frylow, it is metal thing that goes in your fryer and extends the life of your oil by up to 150%.So I changed my oil in one fryer on tuesday and dropped the thing in the tank, lowered the temp, you cook about 10-15 degrees lower. I spend about $1000 a month on oil so I’m hoping it works. They cost about $700 each but it would pay for itself in about 2 months. Anybody used or heard of them before, company is from Japan and not alot of info on the net.I will keep you posted to let you know if it really works.What

so What…did it work?

I tryed it for 1 week in my chicken fryers. I changed them both at the same time, added the frylow to one. After one week the fryer oil was the same as the other fryer. This week I put the frylow in my fryer I just use for french fries & apps.Will give you an update next week. thanks What

Hi, Great to see a posting on Frylow.
I am the Washington and Oregon State distributor for Frylow.
It is a Japanese company and has been in use for >7years.

Here’s the crucial piece of information missing from your supplier… one we actually teach each restaurant who starts using the Frylow…
We demo it starting with dirty oil… ie the day before you are scheduled to change the oil and do a cook test with it. This shows you that the food comes out of the dirty oil very light and fresh. Therefore the key to changing the oil is not by how it looks but by HOW THE FOOD TASTES! The oil will still get dirty but the food will still taste fresh and look light, when that no longer happens, that is when you change the oil. I have one restaurant who extended the life of the oil by 200%. But the cook managed this by the taste of the food. The oil looked like thick chocolate when she finally changed it… but the food still was coming out fresh… That is the all important factor.

So here’s how to get the best performance from you frylow, because it truly works!

  1. actually test the temperature of the oil in your deep fryers… don’t just rely on the temperature gauge.
    2)BEFORE placing the frylow device; cook a food product ( we do french fries because they are fast and easy)save them on a plate
  2. time the length of cooking time.
  3. NOW place the frylow in the frylow and turn the temperature down 20 degrees (this is the minimum temperature reduction restaurants are using.)
  4. measure the oil temperature again. When it has cooled by 20degrees cook another serving of french fries, again time the cooking.
  5. now do a visual and taste test.
    You will find this : a) fries cooked faster with the frylow and at the lower temperature! b)Fries look lighter and taste much fresher without cross contamination of food taste. c) now you have the standard to use as a guide to when you change your oil.
    Do not change the oil by appearance of the oil but by the taste of the food.
    The frylow should be cleaned each time you change the oil by running under hot water while shaking back and forth for about 3-5minutues
    Once a month boil the frylow in clean hot water for about 30minutes.
    Never use soap or detergent on the frylow.
    Please send me any questions. I’ll be glad to help as this is a super product.

Please see my message posted to original writer… again the key is not how the oil looks but the taste of the food… so do the demo as outlined to get a feel for this.
You truly will save over half what you are spending on oil and you can reduce the temperature further and save on energy bills… Where are you located, I cover Washington and Oregon , based in Portland and if you are near can come show you how to use the Frylow.
This product is so effective it is going under contract for carbon credits…
Send my any questions you may have, don’t give up!! We can get this to perform well for you.