We usually replace our deep fryer oil twice each week … it’s a 40 pound floor model, and we deep fry several products, but mostly lots of house-made fries. We’ve never used an antioxidant oil stabelizer, like Myroil Frypowder to extend the useful life of our vegetable oil, but it is something we are considering. Has anyone here used Frypowder (or something like it), and how satisfied are you with it? Maybe you could also share the frequency of use, price and sourcing? Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes I use miroil frypowder, Id say It does work espcuslly when the oil is nearing its end. Add fry powder and the food stops absorbing oil and gets crispy again. Downside is sometimes it makes the food come out darker a bit faster.
I sell aton of fryer food if youre selling fresh fries I think you should atleast try it.
Id say it extends the fryer life by atleast day.

I use twice a day
I buy this

Thanks. We sell tons of fries and we make our own chips too, so any improvement should help … and the price seems to be reasonable too.